We work like our customers work.

It’s pretty simple, really. At FAE, we work like our customers work. That means being ready, willing and able to step up with professional expertise every moment of every day. No excuses. We have a thorough understanding of today’s First Responders and an expert staff with over 100 years of combined experience in the Fire Apparatus and Equipment industry.

We proudly sell and service Pierce apparatus along with a full gamut of fire safety equipment, protective clothing, valves, nozzles, hoses, and tools. You know it’s going to be the best, because we couldn’t live with ourselves if we let you rush into danger with anything less.

Our repair wizards are experts at diagnosing and resolving service issues, and, like you, we’re quick to respond. In addition, we provide preventive maintenance programs and tips to keep in-service from becoming out-of-service.

That’s just how we roll. And we won’t rest until the equipment in your house meets with your satisfaction and performs to your high standards.

Mission Statement

We create an unprecedented reputation, keeping customers as our #1 priority before and after the sale. Our motto, "A truck in every fire department, large and small, all running Pierce"


To be the most trusted and preferred resource for quality fire apparatus that keep firefighters and the people they serve out of harm's way.

FAE's Core Values:

Respect: We have the ultimate respect for our customers because we know that the service they provide involves risking their life for complete strangers. We at FAE and our families are those strangers. We couldn't ask for better people to serve and respect.

Dependability: Dependability is key to our relationships with our customers. We realize that down time on a truck means problems for departments. That is why we make ourselves available at all hours for service and problem solving. One call to us is the last call. We handle it from there.

Commitment: We are committed to being consistent, honest, and accurate. We do not overpromise before or after the sale. We are always upfront with our customers by only building a truck to accommodate their needs as a department and nothing more. We are there before, during, and after the construction of each apparatus. These are the commitments we uphold at any cost.